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One Day Conference-"Visual Project Management: Soft Skills in Movies" Event Report

"Music is the Universal language of mankind" said the great poet Long fellow. True to his saying, Music encompasses and expresses human emotions all over the world. It can be pure magic. Accepting this reality, International Institute of Project Management (IIPM), Chennai & its film project division International Dream Merchants (IDM) organized a very interesting event- The one day conference on “Visual Project Management: Soft skills in movies”. This event was a great opportunity for all to share their experiences about a set of movie songs, handpicked by Mr. O. Arivazhagan ‘Ari’, the CEO, IIPM and Producer Director, IDM. Mr. Ari was also the ‘Moderator’ of this entire event.                                                                                                          See More Report...

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One Day Conference-"Visual Project Management: Soft Skills in Movies" Feedback

It is my life time opportunity to have been a participant to the unique meet. I profusely thank you for this at the outset and am incalculably indebted to you.

It is rather the fashion of the world to waste our precious time in praising the distant great ones by becoming stark blind to the one who is just beside us. I am aware of the fact that yesterday’s meet had absolutely no business principle, not even to the level of break-even. You again, with your experience, have nothing to gain out of this kind of meet like the novices and jokers like us.

In spite of such contrary fact, you had conceived it with a lot of sole effort, planned, and conducted in great fervor/zeal is worth everybody’s sincere heartfelt praise and something to be emulated.

This is the truest kind of yeoman service to the society.

Let your heart grow richer and richer. Keep guiding us on the path of knowledge that burns up our ignorance. It was an open minded, participative with open conversation and an ultimate self-discovery program.
                                                                                                Marakutti Sakthivelu, PMP,Manager, State Bank of India (SBI), Chennai.

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One Day Conference-"Visual Project Management: Soft Skills in Movies" Photos

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One Day Conference-"Visual Project Management: Soft Skills in Movies" Event Report

It was a great networking event for all Project Managers and Project Management Professionals and a fantastic opportunity to learn “Project Management Soft Skills in Movies”. This one day conference was held on 7th February’ 10 at the Convention Centre, Hotel Quality Inn Sabari, T.Nagar. It was a movie-songs based program. During the program Audio-Visuals of Tamil movie songs were displayed and the Moderator and the Panelists brilliantly analyzed and commented on Soft Skill topics like, Motivation, Delegation, Perception, Self Esteem, Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, Perseverance, Professional & Social Responsibility etc..,

The event commenced with the opening address by Mr.O.Arivazhagan, wherein he spoke about the deep link between Project Management and Movie Making, and also between the project management soft skills and the relevant messages delivered by movie songs. He brought to light the fact that the old Tamil songs were made with all these messages inbuilt in them. He found a way to synergize the strength of two great industries the soft-skill learning a fun.

Mrs. Kutty Padmini, the famous producer, actress and award-winning artist was invited as the Special Guest to the program. She Participated in the panel discussion for a couple of songs and found the concept very interesting. She also said that, she had never viewed these songs the way it has been made to view in this conference. And all these days she has been wasting her time searching for ways to teach good lessons to her children whereas all these are there already in our old Tamil songs itself. While participating in the panel discussion of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Perseverance’ she explained to all how 25 to 30 minutes of meditation helps a person in attain these qualities. She thanked Mr. Ari for have brought out this perspective and making use of film songs in a constructive manner.

Mr.Jaya Prakash, the Director of “Kaadhal FM” & “Saadhisanam”, was invited as a special invitee to this conference. He also participated as a panelist for a couple of panel discussions. While addressing the public, he said that “Each and every cine person should be given an opportunity to attend such events so that they can know how movies can be managed as projects”. This point was addressed by him when he saw how all the project managers present there, viewed the songs from different prospective then how the cine persons do. He also felt that more such events should be conducted.

There were six Panel Discussions held on the various soft skills topics. The songs were very specially handpicked by Mr. O. Arivazhagan himself for all topics. MGR songs like, ‘yen endra kelvi…’ from ‘Aayirathil Ooruvan’ and ‘Naan ungal veettu pillai….’ from ‘Pudhiya Bhoomi’ were played for the topic of motivation. The choices were very much appreciated for these topics, as the screen presence and onscreen energy of MGR itself is highly motivating.

The songs ‘Yean endra kelvi…’, ‘Annamitta kai….’ and ‘Uzhaikum Kaigale….’ were chosen for ‘Delegation’. These songs passed on a positive message as to how a PM should delegate works to the right persons at the right time and fill the gap where required. Whereas, the songs like, ‘Neeyum naanuma kanna….’ and ‘Paalutti vallatha killi…’ from the film ‘Gauravam’ showed how a PM should not have too much Ego. Self Esteem, if extended to its height becomes egoistic is what was conveyed through this song and well explained by the Moderator Mr. Ari. This song captured the minds of complete audience present and enumerated a lot of interesting discussions amongst the participants and panelists.

The song ‘Oruvan manadhil onbadhada adhil olindhu kidapadhu enbadhada….’ was rightly chosen for ‘Emotional Intelligence’ as this song passes on the message that there are many things hidden behind a single human face and emotional intelligence is all about understanding the things hidden behind the face by putting oneself in the other’s shoes.

To show difference in opinion (Point of views) under the topic of 'Perception', songs like ‘Kaasi ku poogum sanyasi….’ and ‘Punnagai Mannan….’ were played. Under this topic they spoke about how important it is for a Project manager to appreciate the different point of views of his team members and encourage them to share their perceptions at the project relevant discussions.

As one rightly says that eyes never lie, the best way to understand exactly what the other person is trying to communicate is by maintaining proper eye contact and by studying the body language.
The song ‘Nalam Thana….’ from the film ‘Thilana Mohanambal’ was showcased as a great example of communicating while remaining silent.

The song ‘Sollathe yaarum kettal….’ was played for the topic of ‘Initiative’. The importance of initiative was put forward by having a general discussion as to what each and every one does in their free time. The intention of this discussion was to highlight to all that free time is the time when one can take initiatives and do worthwhile activities.

The songs ‘Idho endan dheivam Munnale….’ and ‘Naan yean Pirandhen….’ were selected for ‘Professional and Social Responsibility’ discussion. In regards to this, Mrs. Kutty Padmini the special guest quoted that she normally spends a part of what she gets for a social cause i.e. if she gets three diamonds she utilizes one of them for a social cause

The event was a great infotainment for all wherein they gathered worthwhile information with entertainment. Everyone went back home with a new way of looking at movie songs than just mere entertainment. With the grand success of this event, the audience hoped that more such infotainment conferences would be conducted by IIPM/IDM.

One Day Conference-"Visual Project Management: Soft Skills in Movies" Feedback

First of all, thank you for making me go through a different learning experience. The choice of songs for the 'Visual Project Management' programme was just excellent, which only a person with good analysis skills and who can see the inner meaning in anything can make. I tried to call you after couple of days of the programme to share with you the happiness
and knowledge that the programme has brought in us and the reverberation it is making even after 4 days of the completion of the program.

Special thanks to you for inviting me as a panel member, which is a pride to me, to sit before the august audience and share my thoughts too.
                                                                            Mr. Balasubramaniam, B.Tech, PMP, Project Leader, Fedelity Information Services.

It was an innovative thought of using movie songs for analyzing and understanding the soft skills. Soft skills play a vital role in the success of a project. Not only a project, it is applicable for any individual to traverse through a successful path in career.
       Ari, the anchor of the program can't be substituted by anyone for that role. He kindled the discussion points in all facets (covering multiple industries like IT, Media & Entertainment etc) Feel honored for having got an opportunity to be a panelist. Thanks to Ari and IIPM team. Looking forward for such great events again.
                                                                                                       Vijayalakshmi Ramachandran AIG Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India.

Great Program which transformed all the participants from good project managers to  great project managers and above all a good human being. Leadership in project management could be considered as another full time course.
Shivkumar, PMP, Sr. Manager, IBM

Soft skills have been explained and portrayed in a simple visual way. Need one more Session like this, very nice time and a worth conference.
                                                                                 Allabaksh, PMP, Project Manager, Cihisys.

It was a great session on soft skills and visual project management. I carry back with me a lot of points that will certainly improve my soft skills.
Namagiri Lakshmi, PMP, Project Manager, CMS Info Systems Ltd.
Well conducted and organized. Innovative idea. Enjoyed every minute of it.
V. Balaji Sankara Saravanan,PMP, Project Lead, Siemens.
Different workshop and lateral thinking in many of the analysis. Very good.
K.S.Prashant Kumar, PMP, CSSGB, Project Manager, Servion Global Solutions Ltd.
A different program to learn management, through popular media. More programs like this can be organized.
                     C.R. Balasubramaniam, PMP, Project Leader, Fidelity Information Services.
It is a new topic. Really enjoyed it. Realized how the film industry can help us.
                                                       Jahir Hussain. PMP, Project Manager, HCL Technologies.
Thought provoking and well presented. Excellent.
          M.Z. Mohamed Madar Mohideen, Project Manager, Infinite Computer Solutions, Chennai.
It was an excellent session. I really enjoyed the session. I learnt a lot. Thanks to IIPM.
                                                                                                                                                 S. Vidhya, Software Engineer, IIPM Infotech.
Good program. Unique and different perspective on listening to movie songs.
      R. Rajasekar , B.E, MBA,PMP, Sr. Project Manager, OSI Consulting, Chennai.
The Program was well drafted and well communicated.
R. Rajesh Raja, PMP, Project Manager.
Great way of presenting soft skills training in an audio-visual format.
                                                                                                                                  Sangeeta , Customer Care Executive, IIPM, Chennai.

A nice insight, on how to learn things from the film industry. The session has brought in a new perspective in viewing even simple things of life.
                                                                                         Jai sri Raman, PMP, Assistant Manager.
It was a very great session. It was very useful to me. I enjoyed the session a lot.
                                                                                                                                            Surya.K, Software Development, IIPM Infotech.
Looking the Tamil songs in project management perspective really helped to improve the soft skills.
                                     M. Kathiravan, PMP, Project Manager, Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
Excellent session. Very interesting.
                                                                                                                                                                                     M. Divya, IIPM, Chennai.

Good approach to teach how soft skills is important to project management and society.
B. Sai Prasad, M.Phil, PMP, CSSGB,Trainer, Cognizant Technologies.
Good subject and good choice of songs selection for project management topics.
J.V. Mani, Lead Consultant, MPHASIS AN HP company.
Learned many Soft skills through valuable lines in songs in movies.
                                                                                                                                                S.K. Sridevi, Software Trainee, IIPM Infotech.

The program was totally a new and great experience.
                                                                                                                                                Ramaswamy Nagarajan, PMP,  IT Consultant.
Got a better understanding of the soft skills. Visual learning creates more impact on the mind. Overall it was a good learning experience.
                                                                                                       S.D. Janardhanan ,PMP, Senior Software Engineer, Curam Software.
It's simply superb. I enjoyed the conversations. Very good event. Looking forward to more from IIPM.
                                                                                                                        Kiran Agura, PMP, Sr. Consultant, Cognizant Technologies.
It was totally a new experience. The idea was well conceived and we could learn many things from the songs which we have been hearing for such a long time.
                                                                                                             S. Rajendran, PMP,  Functional Analyst, Thirdware Solutions Ltd.
Good. Thanks for the program.
D. Sudhakar, PMP, Director , SPK Projects, and services Private Ltd.
                                                                                                                         Selvan, CAPM, CSSGB, Marketing Manager, IIPM, Chennai.

It is a great opportunity to learn something useful related to project management with cinema songs.
                                                                                                                          R. Arul Selva Raja, Software Development, IIPM Infotech.
Excellent. Very useful.
                                                                                                                                             Kalaivani, BA, Customer care Executive, IIPM.

Interesting and had a nice time.
                                                                                                                            K. Kala, PMP, Project Leader, SRM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Nice session and well organized. Keep up the good work.
                                                                                                                                    Gaja Lakshmi, Management Trainee, IIPM, Chennai.
Keep it up.
                                                                                                                                        K. Ravichandran, CEO, Indus Cyber Tech.Pvt. Ltd.
Excellent session. Many old songs are related to project management.
                                                                                                                                             Ramesh.D, Software Developer, IIPM Infotech.

Program is superb. I learnt lot of things to enhance my knowledge.
                                                                                                                   M. Kalai Selvi, Accounts and Admin Executive, IIPM, Chennai.
It was a great experience of visualizing soft skills in movie songs. I really enjoyed this session. All the aspects of human beings in life are covered in this session.
                                                                                                                                                      K. Amjeth Begum, Trainee, IIPM Infotech.
Good communication and creativity. Thanks to IIPM and IDM.
                                                                                                                                                                                 K. Gunasekaran, PRO, IDM.
This conference is very entertaining and useful to me. Good.
                                                                                                                                                             K. Singaravadivel, TRE, IIPM, Chennai.
It was a good event. This conference is very different and useful to all.
                                                                                                                                                                       M. Senthil kumar, IIPM, Chennai.
This conference is very interesting and knowledgeable to me.
                                                                                                                                                                           K. Prabakaran, IIPM, Chennai.

One Day Conference-"Visual Project Management: Soft Skills in Movies" Photos


















































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