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New PMPs from IIPM

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  • I attended the 25, 26, 27, 28th May 2013 batch. I am glad to have completed a goal that I set for myself & that is to clear PMP. IIPM has a big role in helping me achieve this goal. My hearty thanks to IIPM!!
                                                                                          Geetha PMP, Exec Admin, Cisco Systems India (P) Ltd.

  • I cleared the PMP exam on 29th July 2013. I attended the training on April ’13 Batch. Thanks for the IIPM team.
                                       Suresh Babu Malli Viswanathan PMP, General Manager ,ANB Systems India Pvt Ltd.

  • I cleared my PMP exam on July 25th.I was in the guaranteed pass batch held between 23 and 26 Feb 2013 batch. I would like to thank the entire IIPM team.
    Namita Chowdhary PMP, Faculty, International Institute of Project Management.

  • I cleared PMP exam on July 1st week. My success is dedicated to team IIPM. Mr. Ari, You have an excellent team. The training sessions which I attended on 18, 19, 25 & 26th May 2013 were pretty good. Faculty was excellent. I repeat , very very excellent. Classes were really interesting. Thank you Ari and I wish success to all candidates who are going to appear for their exam.
                                                                                         Sandeep Mohanty PMP, Director ,Chs Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • I cleared PMP on 26th July. Thanks a million to Ari Sir & Team. The exam in the IIPM CD was tougher than the main exam.
                                                                                      Premkumar Ramachandran PMP, Associate Projects, CTS.

  • I am happy to let you know that I have cleared PMP Certification Exam Tuesday July 23rd 2013.Started my preparation with the Training from IIPM ( 18, 19, 25, 26th May 2013). Two months of dedicated preparation (2-3hrs/day). Read PMBOK®2 times and Rita's PMP prep 1 time. Compare to IIPM the real exam was somewhat easier. Please go thru all the notes (especially Underlined in our IIPM training sessions), that will be the real help. My thanks to everyone at IIPM for their support.
                                                                                               Subbaiah Somarowtu PMP, Project Lead, Xchanging.

  • I cleared passed PMP exam on 21st  July 2013 and would like to thank Almighty for making me pass the exam. Finally would like to thank IIPM for their training. I wish all success for future PMP aspirants.
                                                                     Hassan Mohamed PMP, Principal System Analyst, Fastwire Pte Ltd.

  • I Cleared PMP exam on 23rd July 2013.I attended regular weekend batch on May 2013, and prepared for 2 months. Many thanks for all IIPM Faculties and team.
                                               Chandrasekaran PMP, Associate Manager, IVTL Infoview Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  • I have cleared PMP exam on 15th July 2013.I attended December 2011 week end batch. Thanks to IIPM team & everyone here in Yahoo Group.
                                                      John Neekcheal PMP, Manager ,Petrofac Engineering Services India Pv Ltd.

  • I am happy to let you know that I have passed PMP Certification Exam on 16th July 2013.Preparations started with the Training from IIPM on 18, 19, 25, 26th May 2013. My Sincere thanks to all faculties and staff at IIPM whose support has helped me achieve this Goal.
                                                                                                       Sumy PMP, Project Manager, Market Simplified.

  • I am so glad to share you all that I have passed the PMP certification exam and become a proud PMP. I have been a member of Guaranteed pass April 27-28 May 04-05'13 Weekend Batch. My Sincere Thanks for all the help and advice given by all IIPM Faculties in the training.
                                                                                     Rajaram Patchirajan PMP, Senior Technical Lead, Visteon.

  • I am glad to share the news that I have cleared the PMP Exam in my first attempt. The IIPM course and the Tips given by Ari and other instructors, did really make a difference and is valuable from the exam point of view and in the real world. Thanks to all IIPM Faculties & staff for the help extended.
                                                                    Suresh Kumar Palanivelu PMP, Senior Software Consultant, Polaris.

  • I am glad to inform that i have cleared PMP exam on 03rd Jun on my first attempt. I was part of 22, 23, 29, 30 Mar 2013 batch. Thanks to all instructors.
                                                                                                             Allena Hari Krishna PMP, Chera, Indian Navy.

  • I am happy to inform you that I cleared my PMP exam on 23rd June 2013 .I was part of the Feb 23, 24 and Mar 2,3 2013 Batch. I would like to thank all IIPM faculties & staff for making this happen. The mails from friends part of this group( mail about their successful completion of the PMP exam) was a huge inspiration .

    PMBOK® is the bible and you need to read it as many times as possible .Additionally Andy Crowe , RITA and IIPM Practice tests should be good enough for your preparation. All the best for all who are taking the exam and many thanks again to IIPM

                                                                 Ranjith Janardhanan PMP, Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

  • I am glad to inform that I have cleared PMP on 12th June. I was part of March 2013 regular batch. Many thanks to entire IIPM team.
                                                                              Lakshmana Perumal PMP, Project Lead, HCL Technologies Ltd.

  • I cleared my PMP exam on 10th June 2013, I was in the guaranteed pass batch held between 24 and 27 December 2012 batch. I would like to thank the entire IIPM team.
                                                                                                    Chitra Ganesan PMP, Team Lead, PremediaGlobal.

  • I have cleared my PMP exam on 3rd June 2013 in my first attempt, I was in the guaranteed pass batch which was on 23, 24, 30, 31st March 2013.I would like to thank the entire IIPM team.
                                                            Johnson PMP, Sr. Electronic Design Engineer, BS&B Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  • I am happy to inform that i have cleared PMP exam on 3rd June 2013 in my first attempt. Thanks to IIPM team.
                                                                                                                        Ganesh PMP, Project Manager, Dupont.

  • I am Happy to Share that i have passed PMP on 3rd June 2013 in my first attempt. Thanks to the IIPM team.
                                                                                                          Ganapathi PMP, Senior Project Leader, Dupont.

  • I attended PMP guaranteed course in January. Due to time constraints, I just planned to study for 2 weeks. Studied PMBOK® thoroughly, took mock tests in IIPM CD. My sincere thanks to Mr. Ari and his team. Ari's tips were very useful and CD practice ( both practice and simulated exam) helped me to gain confidence. Tips and problems shared in this group also helped me a lot.
                                                                                  Abirami Padmanabhan PMP, Development Manager, PayPal.

  • I attended PMP certification preparation courses in IIPM, Chennai on 20,21 & 27,28 April-2013 batch. Im from Oil n Gas sector. I have cleared my PMP exam on 20th May. I put up efforts for last two weeks and studied PMBOK® alone thoroughly (which helps me lot in exam) & refer class notes by IIPM staffs. Simulation exams in IIPM CD also very useful. I am very much thankful to all IIPM teaching staff for their dedicated lecture.
                                                                                          Kathiravan PMP, Arabian Industries, Planning Engineer.

  • I am from January 2013 batch - Gntd. Pass. Happy to share the news with you all that, I have cleared my PMP exam on 29th April 2013 in my First attempt. Thanks Ari and all the training staff!!
    I think the training at IIPM is a solid foundation for the exam. Good Luck, Every one! Go for it!

                                                                                                      Suresh Kumar PMP, Vendor Manager, BCE Canco.

  • I have cleared PMP exam on 29th April. I have attended the classes on 16th Feb’ 13weekend batch. I spent around 4 hours everyday continuously from march 1st.Thank you so much for everyone in IIPM. I Thank all the faculties and Admin team of IIPM for their encouraging and inspiring contributions and support. All the best for PMP Aspirants.
                                                                Gurunath Dharmar PMP, Senior Consultant,Optimum Solutions Pte Ltd.

  • I passed PMP in April 2013. I attended Nov 17th 2013 batch. I found the IIPM course and material very helpful while preparing for the PMP exam. Thanks to all IIPM faculties for a wonderful and very useful training session.
                                                                                           Christobel Selvanathan PMP, Project Manager, Infosys.

  • Glad to share that I cleared PMP on 9th April 2013. I attended Dec'12 batch.
                                                                                                                               Kavitha PMP, Project Manager,TCS.

  • I cleared my PMP exam on 5th April. Thanks to the IIPM staff for their great coaching !!
    I did attend the PMP regular batch during  19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd Jan 2013. As per the suggestion given by Ari, I tried to write down the formula during the first 15 minutes (before the exam began). I was able to re-collect all formula and wrote it in the scratch paper. I read Head First PMP before coming to the 4 day class. Then I read Rita, PMBOK® and materials given by IIPM. I mainly concentrated on the PMBOK®  book.

                                                         Jesudas Chinnathampi PMP, Project Manager, GAVS Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  • I am happy to share that I cleared my PMP Examination on 10th April. I was part of the Aug -2011 batch.
    I took exam 3 hrs 55mins. The exam was mix of Easy, medium & tough questions. Many questions are situational, 10 to 15 questions on Maths. Would like to thank to faculties for the training. Thanks to IIPM they helped me a lot. They guided me right from the joining of the course till i got filled my applications. Wish all the aspirants good luck.

                                                                                                                        Lalitha PMP, Project Lead, Mphasis Ltd.

  • I have cleared the PMP exam on 26th Mar 2013. Thanks to Ari and his team. I had my training session in IIPM on March 2012 .Due to the project commitments I spent a lot of time at onsite and didn't get the time to prepare for the exam. On 16, 17 & 23, 24th Feb 2013. I joined again as part of the regular course to refresh the knowledge. I started my preparation from Feb 15 2013 with all the IIPM notes, documents and materials. IIPM materials are very helpful for me to clear the exam.
                                                                         Sudhakar Manne PMP, Project Manager,Cambridge Solutions Ltd.

  • I have cleared the PMP exam on my first attempt on 17th April. I was part of the October
    regular batch. Thank you, Ari and his team. IIPM has helped me in following ways:
    1. Imparting training
    2. Q and A CD
    3. Helping with the audit process
    4. Creating this group
    If the fundamentals are clear then passing the exam should not be a problem. All the best to the PMP aspirants.

                                                                                                        Kethan Chavan PMP, Ass.Project Manager, HCL.

  • I am excited to share to you all that I cleared my PMP Examination today. I was part of the June 16-19, 2012 batch. Due to time constraints I was not able to schedule my exam. I took 3 Hrs 15 min and just had 15 min to review. The exam was mix of Easy, medium & tough questions. Many questions were lengthy & situational, 10 to 15 numerical questions (earned value, float etc) and I felt I had more questions from quality, risk and procurement. I studied Rita and PMBOK 3 times. Last day I revised Rita's book and solved all the questions in it. IIPM CD was very helpful and I had taken around 7-8 tests. First few tests I passed consistently with 70-73%. I would like to thank all  faculties members for their training and support.
                                                                                                Linu Varghese PMP, Datamatrix Computer Systems.

  • I have immense please to share that I have cleared my PMP on 13th May. I was part of March 2013 batch. The exam was neither easy nor tough. The dedicated effort for a month helped me to achieve this. IIPM coaching and deliverables are excellent and was very helpful. I was mostly concentrating on    PMBOK®and used Rita only to get clarifications for some of the concepts. I did lot of mock tests from IIPM CD. I have just one point to convey, if you put just 3 weeks of your full effort without any distraction you can easily clear this exam.

    All the very best!

                                                                    Sridhar Srinivasaraghavan PMP, IBM , Package Solution Consultant.


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