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Training departments are beginning to realize that people DO NOT learn effectively by passively consuming information. It is a waste of training dollars and yields low return on investment.

Most training programs are done passively in a teacher-student format and done perfunctorily. Many corporate internal training departments do realize the need for well trained trainers to impart / transfer knowledge.

Participants typically retain 5%-30% of information in average training programs. We show you how to increase retention up to 90% and for a longer period of time.

Our “TRAIN The TRAINER” program helps beginner and practicing trainers develop their own individual styles of training, while equipping them with the skills that are necessary to create interactive, experiential and effective learning environments in the class room. This program is useful for employees whose responsibilities include training and education of other staff as well as those who are interested in entering the challenging profession of training and facilitation.

Who should attend

  • Project Managers / Project leads who need to present their project reports to Sr. Management / Owners

  • Business Analysts

  • Marketing / Sales Executives

  • Freelance Management Consultants

  • Professors with a need to train other Lecturers inside their school / Colleges.

  • Faculty members, Department Chairs, and others directly involved in curriculum development.

  • Faculty members, Chairs and Deans to satisfy assurance of learning goals for accreditation.

  • Internal corporate trainers.

  • Individual corporate trainers.

  • Consultants

  • Course Design

Most of instructions will be in English with Visual , interactive, case-studies ( pilot presentations) based with minimal theory notes. Video-presentations will be part of the course.

  • Video Presentation of Training

  • As a very special case, our training includes video capturing of participants live presentation and capturing opinion of the master faculty for both “Before” and “After” training situations. Our program gives you access to tools, strategies, and techniques orchestrated in a fashion that elevates learning to a new level of experience and efficacy. We show you how to optimize your training environment and training programs to achieve outstanding learning results.

    Our programs use experiential techniques such as role-plays, simulations, custom designed case studies and opportunities for one-to-one and small group discussions to engage the participants and make learning both intuitive and self- referential. We provide handouts to the participants that serve as take-home reminders of the principles and lessons they have learned through the workshop.

    The program focuses on practical, proven, leading-edge techniques and strategies that both new and experienced trainers can begin to use immediately with success.

    You’ll learn how to present effectively with lot of practical tips and much more...

  • Train the Trainers Deliverables:

  •  At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify the characteristics of an exceptional trainer. 

  2. Be able to explain how adults differ from children in the way they learn.

  3. Understand and identify different behavioral styles and adapt training as necessary. Participants will demonstrate their understanding of new material through completion of case studies.

  4. Explain what a solid professional training program looks like.

  5. Be able to describe a needs analysis and why it is a necessary step in any training program.

  6. Overcome the fear of public speaking- making a memorable speech as it helps you to engage with the audience effortlessly. Using stories to help evoke emotions and make it easy for the audience to relate to you.

  7. Common mistakes made by trainers – what not to do while training.

  8. Explain various methods for making lecture-based programs active.

  9. Develop strategies for handling hecklers, bullies, and other disruptive participants.

  10. Importance of effective communication.

  11. Point out the highlights and pitfalls of various visual aid options and classroom seating arrangements.

  12. Present information in a clear, concise, engaging manner. Participants will demonstrate successful understanding of key concepts during a practice presentation.

  13. Virtual / Online training essentials.

  14. The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Trainer.

  15. Training management games.

  16. Video Recording feature.

  17. Certified Train the Trainer Exam (1-hour).

  18. You will become a Certified TRAIN The TRAINER at the end of course on successful completion with A FINAL EXAM. THE EXAM WILL BE FOR 1 HOUR WITH PASS MARK AS 60% TO AWARD THE TTT® CERTIFICATE. Exam will contain MCQ’s and Storytelling. All SUCCESSFUL participants will be awarded TTT® Certificate at the end of the course).

  19. Final Analysis and Evaluation Feedback would be provided by our CEO – Mr O.Arivazhagan.

  20. Guest House for outstation candidates: IIPM can arrange for well-furnished, A/C Guest House accommodation for outstation candidates @ Rs.1500/- to Rs.2000/- per day extra. IIPM understands your needs. This is a special additional service to our outstation candidates.

  • Faculty / Facilitator Profile

  • Mr. Ondiappan Arivazhagan "Ari", is an Honors graduate in Civil / Structural Engineering from University of Madras. He is a certified PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP from PMI®, USA. He is also a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and has done Business Analytics from IIM, Bangalore. He has 30 years of professional global project management experience in various countries around the World and has almost 14 years of teaching / training experience in Project Management, Business Analytics, Risk Management and Lean Six Sigma  and has trained more than 5000 professionals around the world and has guided several project works. He is the Founder-CEO of International Institute of Project Management (IIPM), Chennai

Duration: 2 Days (9.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M)

Date: Click here to see current training schedule.

Course Fee:

  • Rs. 7,500 +14 % Service Tax

For Details, Please write to marketing@iipmchennai.com

For more details contact : marketing@iipmchennai.com
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